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Pea Protein, can be used in vegetable protein beverages (peanut milk, wheat milk and walnut milk, etc.), health food & beverages and sausages based on its good water-solubility. It can also be used to increase protein content and stabilize quality in the milk powder processing (infant & student formula milk powder and milk powder for the middle-aged and senior) field.

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Pea Protein
HS Code: 35040099
Specification: 100%
Routine Packing: 25 kg/bag
Place of origin: China
QC: Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
Payment terms: T/T or L/C
Port of dispapch: Shanghai,Tianjin,Qindao
Applications: 1. Pea protein is appropriate for use in a broad range of foods and beverages where protein supplementation isrequired.
2. Pea protein is free of gluten, lactose, cholesteroland anti-nutritional factors.
3.Pea protein is ideal for those who are looking for vegetarian protein and may not want dairy derived protein.




Product type 

 Pea Protein Isolate


 Light Yellow

Crude Protein(Dry basis, Nx6.25) ≥% 


Moisture ≤ % 


Ash ≤% 


Fat ≤ 


Pb mg/kg ≤ 


As mg ≤ 


Crude Fiber ≤ % 


Particle Size(Through 100 Mesh ≤ % 




Total Plate Counts ≤ cfu/g 


Coliform Bacteria ≤ MPN/100g 




Moulds& Yeasts ≤ cfu/g 


Escherichia Coli 


About Pea Protein

1. Pea Protein Isolate is made from the high-quality non-GMO peas.
2. The working procedures include separating, homogenizing, sterilizing and spray drying.
3. Its yellow and fragrant with strong pea taste and has over 80% protein and 18 amino acids & vitamins without cholesterol. It has good gelatinization and water-solubility including dispersibility, stability and dissolution.

References on Pea Protein

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1. What's your payment terms?

T/T or LC.


2. What's your delivery time?

Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 -15 days.


3. How about the packing?

Usually we provide the packing as 25 kg / bag or carton. Of course, if you have special requirements on them, we will according to you.


4. How about the validity of the Agar Agar?

According to the Agar Agar you ordered.


5, What is the MOQ of Agar Agar ?

Different products have different MOQ, for Agar Agar , the MOQ is 1000kg.


6, What is the price of Agar Agar ?

Fooding has been corporate with many Agar Agar manufacturers for several years, we can provide you with best price of Agar Agar.


7, How long shall we wait for your reply?

We can guarantee to reply your inquiries of Agar Agar in one working days.


8. What documents you provide?

Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificat and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.


9. What is loading port?

Usually is Shanghai or Qingdao.



1. Supply high quality products with a reasonable price in additives industry.
2. Arrange the orders and shipping with cus requests in time, According to the different countries export policy provide complete customs clearance documents.
3. Provide agile and safe payments.
4. We can in charge of all if our products have quality problems.
5. Provide a price trend, ensure the clients can know about  marketing informations in time.
6. Have offices at Mexico, Clients can get our company information from here, discuss the prices and delivery time face to face.