Company Culture

The purpose of Shanghai Honghao’s corporate culture is: Be honest and do things happily. Equal and simple personnel relationship. Fully respect the thoughts and individuality of each employee. People-oriented, establish a capable and efficient team image, and create a spiritual culture. People are the foundation of an enterprise, and employees are the main body of the enterprise. The construction of corporate culture must be based on improving the quality of people, focusing on people, respectively, to unite people's hearts, establish common ideals, and standardize actions to form good behaviors. Habits, the purpose of shaping the image and expanding social popularity. To this end, it is necessary to establish a learning organization; do a good job in scientific and cultural knowledge and professional skills training; cultivate excellent managers to drive the construction of corporate culture. The connection between enterprise management and culture is the lifeline of enterprise development. Strategy, structure, and system are rigid management; skills, personnel, style, and goals are soft management. To strengthen management, we must insist on putting people at the center of the enterprise, respect, understand, care for and love people in management, establish the status of employees as masters, and enable them to actively participate in enterprise management and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations. To strengthen management, it is necessary to do a good job in organic combination with modern enterprise system, management innovation, market development, and realization of high-quality services.