Shanghai Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. working environment

The company's office environment: five-star work area, comfortable office space, indoor temperature, lighting, ventilation, sound absorption, green facilities and good conditions.
1. Indoor air: Indoor ventilation, suitable temperature, enough to improve work efficiency, heating and cooling equipment, smoking area, etc.
2. Indoor light: Sufficient light is an important guarantee for normal office work. The light in the office is sufficient, and baffles and curtains are installed on the windows to avoid reflections on the computer screen and protect eyesight.
3. Eliminate noise: certain sound-absorbing and mute devices are installed on the office floor, wall, and ceiling to make people feel comfortable.
4. Office space: The building in the office area is solid and safe, the office equipment should be placed neatly, the seating space should be appropriate, and there should be passages between the seats.
5. Green mood: Small potted plants are cultivated on the office desk. Green plants can make people calm and peaceful. Placing some green flowers and trees in the office will make the air in the office fresher and the layout more elegant.